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In the pursuit of revolutionizing space exploration by enhancing affordability and accessibility for all, Voyager Mayeen was established with a mission to facilitate the successful launch of small satellites into space, with a particular emphasis on Low Earth Orbit (LEO). As we embark on our transformative journey in the realm of space exploration, Voyager Mayeen expresses immense enthusiasm for the prospect of participating in the KickSky Accelerator Program. This opportunity stands as a pivotal moment, signifying a noteworthy shift in our trajectory and promising significant advancements in our mission.

The KickSky Accelerator Program stands as India’s first space accelerator, backed by esteemed venture capitalist companies. Tailored to nurture and propel space startups towards success, this 6-month program, named “Pratham,” is designed to elevate companies to optimal levels of technical, commercial, and financial readiness for the international market. This Accelerator program is backed by Riceberg  and  E2MC Ventures with joint collaboration from  Aniara Spacecom.

In its phase of development, Voyager Mayeen is privileged to be a part of the inaugural Pratham program by KickSky. Along with 5 other participants, Xovian Aerospace, OrbitAID Aerospace, Vellon Space, AugSenseLab and Flywheel Aerospace; Voyager Mayeen  Will be mentored and nurtured providing fertile environment by the world class leaders to excel our ideas and guide us through our entrepreneurial journey. This event will happen for 6 Months.As we embark on this celestial expedition, we anticipate a multitude of benefits from the accelerator program, including mentorship from industry experts, the potential for strategic partnerships with established companies, and networking opportunities with global leaders.

The prospect of securing funding and investment within the KickSky orbit serves as a beacon of hope, providing the necessary fuel to power our engines of innovation. This acceptance is a testament to the collective efforts, dedication, and ingenuity of the entire Voyager Mayeen team, and we extend our heartfelt gratitude to the visionaries behind the KickSky accelerator program.

We look forward to the transformative journey ahead, confident that KickSky will play a pivotal role in propelling Voyager Mayeen to new heights in the realm of space exploration.

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