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When the world was thriving for its advancement in space exploration technologies, Nepal was only in its initial phase of stepping foot towards exploring the technologies of space and Rockets in Nepal. It was 2020 when a group of undergraduate students came forward to develop a sounding rocket completely from scratch with all the components available here in Nepal. This group of university students was trying to develop a 5 m high-sounding rocket, named Garuda, to take part in the World’s Largest Amateur Rocketry Competition, Spaceport America Cup 2020. 

This began when Mohan Tamang commenced this project in association with SEDS Nepal which was then run under his presidency. This is a nonprofit organization running to develop and foster space activities in Nepal with like-minded individuals collectively from Nepal. A team of 30 students working on this project successfully developed and launched the rocket named Garuda from Nepal securing an award from the Spaceport America Cup, 2020. This is how the first rocket of Nepal was launched. 

Nepal is a landlocked South Asian country bordered by China and India. Its geography ranges from the towering Himalayas in the north to the fertile Terai plains in the south. Situated in such a strategic location between two large countries which are at the forefront of technological advancements including the industry of space makes Nepal an ideal site for activities supporting global space exploration efforts.

Nepal is seen to be moving forward with the development of various space-related endeavors including satellite technologies. A few companies in Nepal are working and also have launched their satellites. Nepal launched its first satellite, NepaliSat-1 developed by Abhash Maskey and Hariram Shrestha in April 2019 which is a 1U CubeSat. Also, the first satellite to be developed in Nepal was SanoSat-1 by Orion Space, launched in February 2021. 

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The enthusiasm for space seems to be increasing in Nepal every day. Several student groups like SEDS Nepal, ORASS-Nepal, and so on are actively seen to be working for the development and flourishing of this sector in Nepal. Nepal is set to define its position in space and demonstrate its contributions to space exploration for the well-being of mankind.

Current State of Rocketry & Rockets in Nepal

On analyzing the current technological state of Nepal, it is currently undergoing a huge challenge and is in the phase of rapid transformation in terms of its technological advancements in every field. As for the field of rockets in Nepal, baby steps are seen to be initiated with various emerging startups that are involved in the development of the rocket industry and rockets in Nepal. 

To make Nepal a space-faring nation, Voyager Mayeen is a small launch vehicle company established in Nepal. Voyager Mayeen is the first and only rocket country from Nepal that is working on the development of small launch vehicles, small lift rockets that will have the capacity to carry 200 kilograms of payload to Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Voyager Mayeen has lifted participation of Nepal in the field of rocketry from extreme zero to level 1 which is in the process of levelling up. 

As mentioned earlier, the team establishing Voyager Mayeen began this journey of rocketry with the development and launch of Garuda as the first sounding rocket from Nepal. With a handful of experience in high-power rocketry, the team has been enthusiastically working on developing the first orbital rocket to be launched from Nepal. Before establishing Voyager Mayeen, the team was working in the field of rocketry in Nepal by working in collaboration with various organizations that support innovation and the development of technological aspects of Nepal. To date, the rocketry projects conducted so far have only been initiated by student groups or private organizations like Voyager Mayeen.

Due to the lack of any space policies in Nepal, such organizations and groups have to face a million hurdles in the development as well as launching their launch vehicles from the territory of Nepal. If there could be initiations in the development of regulatory aspects of this sector, those who are willing to work for it could work with ease and provide maximum contribution for its development.

What are the future aspects of Rocketry & Rockets in Nepal?

Those who are currently working in the field of rockets in Nepal have grand aspirations envisioning a future where indigenous space technology drives the nation’s progress. Their hopes and dreams extend beyond borders, aiming to establish Nepal as a formidable player in the global space community. With rocketry at the forefront, they envisage transformative applications across various sectors. In agriculture, satellite-enabled monitoring promises precision farming techniques to enhance productivity and mitigate environmental risks. Rocketry’s potential in communication heralds a new era of connectivity, bridging remote regions and empowering communities with access to vital information and services.

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Furthermore, in disaster management, rapid deployment of satellite imagery and communication systems promises swift response and effective disaster preparedness. As young minds witness the remarkable achievements of space exploration, rocketry serves as a beacon of inspiration, igniting passion for science and technology among Nepal’s youth. 

Nepal’s journey in rocketry signifies a promising evolution from initial steps to ambitious ventures. With the launch of Garuda and the establishment of Voyager Mayeen, Nepal has embraced its potential in the space industry and the development of rockets in Nepal. Despite challenges, the enthusiasm and dedication of those working in the field of rocketry in Nepal shine through, driving the nation towards a future of technological advancement and innovation. As aspirations soar and dreams take flight, Nepal stands poised to carve its niche in the global space community, inspiring generations to come.

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